Terry implores Chelsea fans to sympathize with Mount, but don’t be harsh in cursing.

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John Terry, the legendary captain of Chelsea came out and asked his followers to understand football business in the case of Mason Mount. A football player, choosing to move to Manchester United in the summer market. Because there was an issue behind the scenes that was not revealed again. So the day he returned to his hometown, he scolded him quite a bit.

Mount previously had the last year of his contract remaining at Stamford Bridge and the management considered not giving him a long contract because he needed a blood transfusion. As a result, he was sold to United for 60 million pounds UFABET

However, ‘Sing Blues’ fans still seem annoyed by the 24-year-old star’s decision to book various shifts on social media, which at this point Terry considers excessive. When each side has their own reasons The systematic separation of the football business is normal.

“Mason is without a doubt a very important player for Chelsea. There are always two sides to this story, and I know what the other truth is that is not disclosed to the public.” Opening up at ‘Knockout Events’ he hosted last Friday.

“I probably won’t reveal it on air this Friday. But there is another side to the truth.”

“So when he comes back to Stamford Bridge, don’t be too mean to the kid.”

Under the Chelsea uniform, Mount scored 33 goals and 37 assists from playing 195 matches. The highlight is the 2021 Champions League championship. The scheduled visit to The Bridge as United is 3 April 2024.