Southgate fully supports Maguire’s retirement from sea.

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Gareth Southgate the manager of the England national team still fully supports Harry Maguire. His favorite defender to come back and claim the starting job under a Manchester United uniform. Even though at this time he has become the last choice. In the mind of coach Erik ten Hag.

Maguire was called up to the team. The ‘Roaring Lions’ during the September period despite having little opportunity under the ‘Red Devils’ uniform. Despite injury problems with Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez and Victor Lindelof are ready. Let’s open the way for 30-year-old players to show their potential.

Therefore, Southgate encourages his favorite student to fully take advantage of the confidence from the national team to continue at Old Trafford UFABET

“That guy looks good. Training with the highest level players every day,” the England manager said of Maguire.

“Seriously, like the last league game (losing 1-3 to Arsenal) where I went on the bench and got criticized for my performance. In fact, there should be no blame when a defender is substituted for a conflict under such circumstances.”

“He is definitely an experienced player. Training with us looks great, Harry knows that the England team has their full support.”

“He knows when he comes here he will play well. And I think next week What’s going on in his team’s squad, the problem of defender injuries will probably give Maguire more playing time.”

United will play 2 games – per – week from September, when the Champions League competition begins , starting with Brighton (16 September ) and visiting Bayern Munich ( 19 September ) . )