Nathan Ake pointed out that training with Haaland has been very beneficial.

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Manchester City defender Nathan Ake admits training. And following Erling Haaland has helped him and his football team improve.

The Blues travel to Copenhagen in their Champions League Group G clash on Tuesday night. By the situation of the elite team from England, having won all 3 previous matches, giving them a full 9 points.

“It’s a good challenge. (who trained with Haaland) Of course, the practice is slightly different from the field. But it’s a good test.” the Dutch defender revealed when it came to stalking Haaland during training.

“He’s very difficult to mark. And he can do many things. For us as defenders Training is about knowing where he needs the ball and where we can coordinate with him. He has many qualities UFABET.

“Sometimes you have to face strikers with some great qualities. But he had it all, his left foot, his right foot, his strength and speed. It makes him a very difficult player to duel.

“Everyone is in a good position and he does a lot of pressing and is very important. But he continued his work on the training ground and demanded more from himself. It shows what kind of team we have.”

Go back in time to 2006 when Erling Haaland was only 5 years old. Brother Kae set a record as the highest jumping child under 5 years in the world at 163 centimeters. Let me repeat that this is a record level. The world is not just a country. Knowing this, we can actually feel that Erling Haaland is not a normal child at all. It has radiated “Hell Childhood” since birth, not just now.