Lucas Vazquez rejected talks about Barca, only looking at Shakhtar.

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Real Madrid’s Lucas Vazquez has made it clear that the most important thing right now is playing in the Champions League.

The Real Madrid visit Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League Group F on Tuesday night. The game will be played in Warsaw, Poland. In which the situation at the moment, Los Blancos collect 9 full points from 3 games.

At a press conference before the game on Monday. The Spaniard revealed to the media that he and others Do not look to the El Clasico vs Barcelona because the important thing is the Shakhtar Donetsk duel UFABET

“It’s a preparation like a final. It is important because if we win we will continue on the path of qualifying for the next round.” Lucas Vazquez said.

“It’s hard to accomplish. But we are doing well and are very happy with what is going on this season.

“I’m fine with the injury and I feel good. It is inevitable to talk about El Clasico (against Barcelona this Sunday), but we are only thinking about tomorrow (Tuesday), it is a very important game in the Champions League.

“We only worry about ourselves. (When asked if it would have been better if Barcelona lost to Inter in the Champions League) we knew that if the team won, there would be improvement. That’s important to us. Go through to the next round with two games left.”