How to use Martingale in the game of roulette is simple.

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How to use Martingale in the game of roulette is simple. Let’s start with the most important step, like preparing a budget. Because the strategy of playing roulette game that. We are going to tell requires a very high budget. It is said that the more unlimited, the better. But if you have a limited budget manage your account as follows.

          Suppose you have a budget of 10,000 baht to play roulette. Then divide the money that will be used to bet each eye by 1 percent. Which in this case means that you have a budget to bet 100 baht in each eye. Bet more than this is strictly prohibited. So that the Martingale strategy does its job and brings you profits. The important thing is not to be too greedy UFABET 

          The way to use the Martingale strategy.

Is simple and uncomplicated. All you have to do is double your bet every time you lose. And return to bet at the initial budget every time you win. After all, when you play the roulette game until the last turn. You will find that besides the entire budget. It’s still in your pocket. still get profits in return as well.

          However, to get a 100% sure profit, you need to choose a 50/50 odds of winning roulette bets: High/Low bets, Red/Black bets and so on. Even/Odd bets that will allow the Martingale strategy to show its full potential. Because the winning percentage is very high. Moreover, there are only two types of results.

          For example, in the first turn you bet High/Low bets, high bets with €100, if you lose, bet €200. If you lose again, bet €400 more. Keep doing this until you win regardless of how much the amount is compounded In the end, when you win, you get all your funds back. with half the profit and then return to bet at 100 baht again