Graeme Potter slams into team formation.

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Chelsea manager Graeme Potter has declined to answer questions about the system or players expected to feature on Tuesday.

navy blue lion The troops went out to visit AC Milan in the Champions League Group E battle on Tuesday night. In the latest situation, the famous club from London has collected 4 points from 3 games.

In a press release on Monday, Graeme Potter was asked about the team’s arrangement or availability before playing. But the 47-year-old coach chose to avoid answering that question.

“I’m not going to tell you what kind of team we’re going to put on the field. You can wait for that,” Potter said.

“But we are happy with the choice we have. We are expecting a really tough game because AC Milan has a lot of great players and a very strong team UFABET

“That’s our challenge (winning at the San Siro) and that’s what we want to do. This is an incredible place. And there are very different games.

“AC Milan will try to take advantage of playing at home like we did before, two good teams, two teams that played very close in both games. I’m looking forward to that.”

However, Potter has been in charge of several clubs, including Ostersunds, Swansea City and Brighton, but the team that made him famous is the “Seagulls”, especially this season that he has taken the club away. Has gone 13 points from 6 games and is currently 4th in the Premier League table.