Baccarat counting rules that you must understand.

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For anyone who has the aim of learning how to play Baccarat counting. First, let’s look at the basics together. The cards in this game have a total of 52 cards. Which initially will be dealt 2 cards each side. The dealer pays the cards to the PLAYER first. Then they pays the BANKER and then the showdown. If either side’s card is less than 5, it can be drawn. Because it is considered that the total card points are not close to the highest point, which is 9 points. Let’s to see Baccarat counting.

Player Card Rules

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Banker card rules

Banker’s deal rules are similar to that of Player’s. But the difference is in the points of the first 2 cards. If the banker receives a card with a total of 7-9 points, then there is no right to draw a card. What you should know for newbies is Bankers generally have a higher advantage and chance of winning than players.