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Breast cancer and nutrition How are they related?

Risk factors that cause breast cancer. There are many factors such as genetics, environment and diet. Research shows. That approximately 70 percent of the risk of cancer is depends on ourselves including diet. Such as avoiding smoking limit alcohol weight control and exercise regularly. All of these are good factors for preventing cancer. Including

The miracle of coconut water.

In addition to these nutrients, coconut water also has benefits that have surprised many people. It saved the lives of many soldiers during World War 2 and the Vietnam War. When doctors use coconut as a parenteral solution to help prolong the lives of soldiers due to shortage of

Benefits of Cabbage.

Many people don’t like to eat vegetables. Because it has a bitter taste, it is difficult to eat, but for cabbage. It is eaten raw as an accompaniment to spicy food. Such as papaya salad, larb, and waterfall. It’s delicious in a sweet way. Until almost unable to stop at

Graeme Potter slams into team formation.

Chelsea manager Graeme Potter has declined to answer questions about the system or players expected to feature on Tuesday. navy blue lion The troops went out to visit AC Milan in the Champions League Group E battle on Tuesday night. In the latest situation, the famous club

Tomori urges AC Milan to not hold back.

AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori has urged the team to give their best against Chelsea on Tuesday. The Red Devils are about to open the San Siro against Chelsea in the Champions League Group E on Tuesday night. By the situation after 3 matches, Rossoneri can

Galtier ready to find a way out of Mbappe position.

PSG manager Christoph Galtier has revealed. He is ready to find a solution over Kylian Mbappe playing position in the squad. Paris Saint-Germain have an opening queue for Parc des Princes to face Benfica in the Champions League Group H on Tuesday night. The representative from

Tercic hopes Reina is fit to face Sevilla.

Borussia Dortmund head coach Edin Terzic hopes Giovanni Reina will be fit to help the football team against Sevilla on Tuesday. Dortmund will face Sevilla in their Champions League Group G clash on Tuesday night. By the latest situation, representatives from Germany have collected 6 points

Iniesta plans to return to Barcelona after playing

Andres Iniesta plans to return to Barcelona after his retirement from professional football next year. Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta has revealed he plans to return to Azul Grana. After retiring from professional football with Vissel Kobe next year, he revealed to La Gazzetta dello Sport on